EuroVast UK Limited was founded in 2017 by the EuroVast Group, Italian market leader in the production of tissue paper for hygienic and domestic use.
The production site of EuroVast UK Limited is in Liverpool, an important commercial hub of the United Kingdom and connection point with the nearby Irish market. In line with the philosophy of the parent company, EuroVast UK Limited offers products of sustainable quality, the result of virtuous eco-friendly production using selected raw materials. 


The EuroVast Group is at the forefront of the tissue paper industry. Founded in 1992 by Vincenzo Romano, today the Group boasts five paper mills and four production plants, an annual output capacity of 150,000 tonnes. The business philosophy is based on innovation, quality, sustainability, and production flexibility. The company has offered quality tissue in Europe for more than thirty years thanks to ongoing growth, using the best technology to balance the impact of each activity on the environment.
The goal of the Group is to improve its products whilst following the life cycle of the product, guaranteeing business sustainability. 


Our tissue production capacity, made up of 5 paper mills, counts 150,000 tons per year, while our converting capacity is currently spread over 4 converting plants: two in Italy, one in Liverpool (UK) and a new one in OSS (Netherlands). EuroVast Spa has organized the production in a flexible way to guarantee the right balance between a quality product delivered on time according to the demand of each market.

Our experience in the production and conversion of paper (both in the consumer sector and in the AFH sector) allows us to respond in an innovative way to the needs of consumers, offering tissue products


  • Toringo (Capannori)
  • Socciglia (Lucca)
  • Liverpool (United Kingdom)
  • Oss (Netherlands)


  • Bagni di Lucca (Lucca)
  • Fabbriche di Vergemoli (Lucca)
  • Villa Basilica (Lucca)
  • Lanciole (Pistoia)
  • Villa Basilica (Pracando)


150000 Annual paper production capacity
76000 sq.m. covered by our production facilities
300 Total staff


Timely delivery and efficiency of customer service

Our logistics plants are located in Italy and the United Kingdom, have mode than 35,000 pallet storage and guarantee to our customers an efficient service.

The stipulation of annual contracts with leading national and international forwarding agents allows us to provide maximum punctuality, speed and flexibility of delivery which has always set us apart from the rest.


Our Code of Ethics, in conclusion, is proposed as a model for all those involved in Euro Vast, adapting their conduct to the principles of loyalty and honesty already shared by the whole group to which EuroVast belongs.