The opening of new facilities, the acquisition of important customers at home and abroad plus significant intervention in the technical and organizational fields have together created the conditions for industrial and commercial strengthening that makes today’s Euro Vast Group one of Italy’s leading companies in the tissue sector.

Growth in size, however, is only part of the work we are pressing ahead with. Our future investment more and more involves the precise concept of sustainable development, able to handle the social and environmental impact of our activities. Euro Vast works to integrate the sustainability in its process of creating value; to develop lasting competitive advantage and ensure a positive spin-off, both in economic terms as well as for social well-being

and the environment and for the communities in which we operate; to make a contribution in favour of a responsible economy, a better society and a better environment. As confirmation of this path in February 2015 we started up a new Toscotec FORM PLUS Crescent Former paper machine; the ideal solution for reconciling the need for a high quality product with the requirement of significant energy saving with reduced emissions into the atmosphere.

Consideration for the local area and the will to install an eco-sustainable and innovative plant were in fact the determining factors behind the choice of EuroVast, to offer consumers manufacturing excellence in a rapidly expanding industry.


Euro Vast quality starts from the selection of raw materials and shrewd production processes, which is why traceability at every stage of the production cycle is crucial, together with the relative certification of each processing stage, from incoming raw material to finished products reaching the large retail chains, to ensure consistent product quality and full consumer protection.


EuroVast UK Limited has always believed in quality and we commit ourselves every day to maintaining high production standards. Customer satisfaction is our best success, a certified success.


End-users in recent years have shown significant interest in safety aspects related to products. EuroVast has always pursued the policy of product safety, by deploying management systems in compliance with national and international standards in the field of quality and safety. In this regard, the entire production process has undergone HACCP analysis, which provides careful evaluation of the risks (chemical, biological and physical) that may possibly compromise the health of the product. This analysis is subject to periodic reviews to ensure that it is always updated in view of new knowledge and technological developments.

EuroVast Spa complies with the GDPR regulations. For more information download here the documentation.


For correct and informed disposal, see the waste disposal guide.


Euro Vast believes in research and development as a means of always finding new solutions to satisfy the consumer.

A fixed amount of annual turnover is invested in periodic updates of the production lines and in research to renew and constantly improve our products; this allows us to keep a constant dialogue open with end-user demands.

New process and product solutions are constantly experimented:

  • in the Paper Mill (continuous investments in production lines, testing of new cellulose and new chemical additives).
  • at Converting (new investments in production lines; new embossing; new product improvement techniques).