EuroVast is a CRIBIS Prime Company

Our company has achieved another important milestone.

CRIBIS D&B, a company of the CRIF Group specialising in the provision of business information, has awarded us the title of CRIBIS Prime Company, assigned to companies which have reached a high level of reliability in business relations.

This certification is very gratifying because it is awarded to just 5% of more than 6 million Italian companies every year.

CRIBIS uses a synthetic indicator which, based on a statistical algorithm, measures the probability that a company generates serious commercial insolvency.

Multiple variables are analysed, such as financial ratios, payment experience, presence of negative information in addition to the obvious general information on the company, data related to legal status, geographical area of belonging, size, and seniority.

The CRIBIS Prime Company award is the highest level of evaluation of the commercial reliability of an organisation and is only and exclusively issued to companies that constantly maintain a high economic-commercial reliability and are virtuous in payments to suppliers.

Another step that rewards the soundness and professionalism of our company.