“All-round sustainability for EuroVast” article published in GDO Week issue13

Founded by Vincenzo Romano in 1992, today Gruppo Eurovast occupies a leading place in the tissue industry. “We have always been attentive to responding to the needs of a market in constant development and increasingly attentive to the environment – declares Umberto Romano, general manager, – over time the Group has become a trend setter in the industry, launching different innovative products including the Tovaglietta (Table mat) on a roll and the new toilet paper Suprema by Fior di Carta. Launched in late 2019, the latter was elected Product of the Year in 2020. Suprema is packaged in biocompostible material, a combination of innovative, resistant, recyclable and renewable materials. Suprema also supports Enpa (Animal Protection Agency). ‘OrsettoVIP’ is a project to protect endangered and non-endangered animals. We believe in all-round sustainability”. In the first part of the year, the health situation affected the purchases of paper articles.

“The emergency – points out Umberto Romano – led to a 30-40% increase in sales compared to the precious year, due to the hoarding effect. Requests increased, both nationally and internationally. The situation progressively stabilised and we can see that from the month of May we returned to the normalisation phase”. The company is now focusing on consolidating its growth. “For us – adds Umberto Romano – 2020 is a very important year. The recognition of our Suprema line by consumers confirmed that the market is increasingly more attentive to product quality and to sustainability. We will consolidate the investments made in our production plants. In coming months, we will launch the photovoltaic system of over 10,000 m² at the plant of Torigo (Lu). It is an investment made with respect for the environment and the search for sustainable energy efficiency, as part of our green development plan begun a few years ago”. In February, EuroVast started-up a new line in the Cartiera plant of Villa Basilica (Lu) that will reach 40,000 tons a year with a production increase of 56% and an overall reduction in gas and electricity of 20% and 10% respectively thanks to the modernisation of the storage and regasification plant of liquified Natural Gas (LNG).

For Gruppo EuroVast, growth has always been associated with respect for the territory: to be a sustainable company today means to have the awareness that every production company responds to the market according to ethical and responsible parameters. The choice to invest and focus on quality has also increased foreign demand. “For this reason we will double our production capacity in the plants outside Italy with the start-up of a second line. We will also invest in Italy, increasing our production capacity here too”.

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