”Draw your City” Competition – Padua Edition 2020

The second edition of our “Draw your city” competition featuring Padua has come to an end. A special edition that took place in the year of the global pandemic but which, despite the difficulties, saw Padua and the young primary school pupils as protagonists. The initiative was greatly appreciated by the children and this made us smile and gave us a real sense of hope.

The winners are: Gioele B., a pupil of class 4 A of the Arcobaleno Primary School won the Fantasia Prize; Riccardo B., a pupil of the D.Manin Primary School, won the Simpatia Prize; the excellent Greta F., a pupil of class 4 A of the Arcobaleno Primary School, won First Prize.

This victory has been truly special. You should know that the young Greta decided to participate in the competition driven by her passion for drawing. Then, there was something else: her love for Padua and its streets, passed on to her by her grandfather. However, when the lockdown started, Greta stopped, also because her grandfather got sick. She was only able to meet him at the end of the quarantine period, and he sadly passed away a short time later.

Greta saw this as an incentive to finish her drawing, which has now also become a tribute to her beloved grandfather. It became a little masterpiece, which, to her great surprise, guaranteed Greta first place and the win. It is an emotional story, which speaks of generations united by love, of life that goes on and of hope, which overcomes anguish. Her beautiful drawing will be printed on the Tovagliette (Table Mats) Fior di Carta Lifestyle for the SS limited edition 2021.

Due to the problems caused by the health situation, the expected prizes – educational trips – have been suspended, waiting for safe and feasible alternatives. Certainly, Greta’s school will receive a multimedia interactive whiteboard and an annual supply of Fior di Carta Lifestyle products.

Once again, we would like to thank all the students, the teachers and the schools that took part in the competition with so much enthusiasm. We hope that the next edition can be held in a different climate, more serene and safer for everyone.

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