EuroVast in the Corriere della Sera insert


Sustainability as a three-dimensional concept: environmental, social and economic sustainability. This is the very contemporary vision, which for thirty years has represented the strategic line of EuroVast SpA, a company that ranks among the primary realities in Italy in the tissue sector. The bet won by the group from Lucca – which today counts five paper mills and four production plants including one in Oss in The Netherlands and one in Liverpool in the United Kingdom, for a production of 14 thousand tons of paper per year – is to optimally combine the quality of the product with the minimum impact of its production on the environment. Plants equipped with renewable energy sources and cutting-edge processing machinery for responsible production are two mile stones for the group, owner of the brands: Fior di Carta Life Style, Buffalo, Suprema and Bravo. Every EuroVast SpA product is an expression of quality, safety, innovation, personal well-being and environmental protection. “For years – explains Vincenzo Romano, president of the EuroVast group – our commitment is to adopt the best existing technology to achieve the lowest possible impact on the environment by our business. Just think of our Toringo plant where were installed 10 thousand square meters of photovoltaic panels of the latest generation, which largely cover the energy needs of the facility while achieving a reduction of 343 tons of CO2 and 460 kilograms of sulfur dioxide”.

“The Eco-innovation that we have been carrying out for years – says Umberto Romano, who supports his father Vincenzo as the head of the company – has the precise goal of achieving an economic benefit that is reflected throughout the territory. And if today sustainability is an important competitive value, we start advantaged having long begun to invest heavily on this, creating an ethical capital on which today, the conscious European consumer, places great interest and sensitivity”.

The strategic location of foreign plants must also be seen in this light. ” Over the years, our Group strategy has been characterized by two important key words: efficiency and sustainability. Two factors that have led us to invest in plants abroad – Liverpool (UK) and Oss (The Netherlands) – bringing us closer to our target markets optimizing logistics and reducing road transport and related emissions by eight million kilometres per year, maximizing also the service offered to our customers. The plant in The Netherlands also uses exclusively energy produced from renewable sources”. For every EuroVast Group company, growth has always been a parameter composed of respect for the territory and the continuous search for the perfect formula to optimize profit and collaboration. The environment is today one of the great economic and social priorities of the planet and EuroVast is carrying out a policy of righteous production through industrial investments under the name of “Green”.

The attention to the environment and production sustainability is confirmed by the investments in the different production sites both in paper mills and in converting plants. A new plant dedicated to transformation will be inaugurated next year, which will be independent in the production of clean energy thanks to the installation of solar panels and it will be equipped with the best plants for tissue transformation. In the current industrial landscape the real challenge is to anticipate the times – says Vicenzo Romano – and we are working on important innovations also in the field of paper production. “The establishment of EuroVast in Northern Europe as a leading partner in large-scale retail confirms the flexibility and ability of the company to respond in a timely and attentive way to the demands of an increasingly demanding and attentive market where value is not only the product, but the company capable of ensuring a concrete circular economy. A sustainable world in the name of the circular economy is today a model towards which the European consumer expresses strong sensitivity. Alongside the value of sustainability, EuroVast continues to invest in research and innovation to better meet the needs of the final consumer. A management style rewarded by customers both in Italy and in Europe and in non-European countries, witnessed by the constant growth of EuroVast over the years sitting today in the ‘salotto buono’ of the paper industry of Lucca.

A success that Vincenzo Romano loves to share with his staff. ” Without the dedication and expertise of my staff we could not have achieved these results. Human resources and technology, in addition to sustainability, are the strengths of our company”. EuroVast is able to excel in the delicate universe of respect for the environment, but there is another goal towards which the Group directs its energies, that is to preserve the places in which the companies operate always keeping an eye on the workplace of their employees. The strategic vision of the company has allowed EuroVast to achieve important results in terms of growth, with a turnover of 260 million euros and 300 employees today, the company looks to the future with investments in the name of green.