EuroVast takes part in the RE.WIND® project for circular sustainability

EuroVast has been a consolidated business in Europe for the last thirty years. It comprises five paper mills, four transformation plants, and a 300-strong workforce. The company has made sustainability the primary focus of its business strategy. The respect and protection of the environment have been the fil rouge for the creation of a model of Italian spirit and development which sees it stand out among the key players of the paper sector.

EuroVast, headquartered in Lucca, believes in a sustainable world under the banner of circular economy, and has decided to take part in the RE.WIND® project.

The project is unique and innovative: it implements tangible actions and includes the provision of a high value-added service, which involves flexible packaging film for a sustainable and circular use of plastics.

EuroVast is the first company of the paper sector to take part in this project which will allow it to dispose of stretch film (waste), from inbound goods, thanks to a F2F (Film to Film) recycling chain which will transform it into film in rolls making the production site of Toringo (Capannori-Lucca) completely self-sufficient in the provision of logistic film.

In addition to significantly reducing the environmental impact, resulting in a reduction of 1,150kg of CO2 every 1,000 kg of processed waste, the project guarantees an important economic saving.

Thanks to virtuous waste management the company will be able to record an annual saving of 34,500 kg of CO2 for the site of Toringo (Capannori-Lucca). To understand the importance of saving in terms of sustainability it is necessary to consider that one tree in a city context requires on average 2300 years to dispose of the same quantity of CO2.

With this initiative, the Eurovast Group adds an important element to its continuous industrial innovation for a business future focused on sustainability with products with a reduced environmental impact.

2022 was a year of great change, above all for the Suprema line: a range of products which today comes from factories with low CO2 emission.

Paper is obtained from sustainably managed forests and the packaging is made from 60% recycled plastic.

Protecting the environment is one of the key social and economic priorities of the planet and the EuroVast Group is committed to pursuing a policy of virtuous production through industrial investments in accordance with sustainability, one of the most important values of the company.